How To Get BBQ Sauce To Stick To Chicken

Making your barbecue sauce stick to your chicken may appear simple, but it may be difficult. We can safely say that this is a skill that few people possess.

Normally, the sauce drips from the chicken, resulting in a mess and stains, which no one enjoys. We might have figured out a technique to get your BBQ sauce to stick to your chicken before you quit up.

The most effective way to get your BBQ sauce to stick to your chicken is to apply the sauce right after the chicken has been cooked, you can be sure the surface has released enough moisture and the texture is hard enough for the sauce to hold on to.

Making BBQ Sauce Stick To Your Chicken

There are more than one ways with which you can make your BBQ sauce stick to the chicken. The good thing about having more than one method is that you can try as many of these methods out and settle for the one that works for you.

1. Use Dry Meat

A notable way to get your sauce to stick to your chicken is to make your meat dry first before applying the sauce. BBQ sauces do not stick well when they come in contact with water, alongside this; the liquid hinders the chicken from absorbing the sauce well.

How To Get BBQ Sauce To Stick To Chicken
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2. Cook Before Applying Sauce

Cooking the chicken before covering it up in sauce can also help in making your BBQ sauce stick. Your chicken doesn’t have to be fully cooked; you only have to cook it till it gets a good texture on the outside. Afterward, apply your barbecue sauce, right before you finish cooking.

This can be done in the last 20 minutes of cooking. Cook at a temperature range of 260 degrees or less.

3. Layer The Sauce On The Chicken

Layering the sauce on the chicken is an efficient way to make it stick. So you’ll need to apply the BBQ sauce regularly. Begin by applying the first layer of sauce to the meat’s other side. The sauce should then be cooked for 3 to 5 minutes.

On the opposite side, flip the meat and add the sauce. It may last 3 to 5 minutes. Repeat this step as needed until you’re satisfied with the result. We suggest you only apply two layers are sufficient.

4. Use A Different BBQ Sauce

While a lot of times, you have to get the sauce on the chicken the right way, sometimes the problem is with the barbecue sauce you are using, it is time to make use of another! If you are making use of high-speed sauce, it may not stick, depending on the ingredients too.

Ensure your sauce ingredients include brown sugar, honey, or molasses, these ingredients in your BBQ sauce help it stick well.

How To Get BBQ Sauce To Stick To Chicken

5. Crispy Skin

Making your chicken crispy will ensure that it absorbs as much sauce as possible. You may make your chicken crispy by baking or frying it at a high temperature, such as 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking your chicken on high heat may not always be enough to make it crispy; nevertheless, some elements can be added to assist your chicken come out properly. If you want to fry your chicken, coat it in cornstarch, and if you want to bake it, coat it in baking soda.

6. Switch to a Sticky Sauce

If you notice your BBQ sauce is watery, there are a few tips for you to make it sticky enough for your chicken.

Reduce it in an uncovered pot, then let the sauce cool down before adding the chicken wings. You can also add some honey, as honey is sticky, adding it to your sauce will help your sauce be sticky too.

Final Thoughts 

When baking your chicken with baking soda, be mindful of the amount of baking soda you use, remember, baking soda is acidic and when it is too much, can be harmful to the health.

It is best to make use of half a teaspoon for three pounds of chicken.

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