How To Re-SEASON A Blackstone Griddle (Complete Guide)

How To Re-SEASON A Blackstone Griddle (Complete Guide)

One of the modern cooking gadgets that has captured the hearts of many, including ours, is the Blackstone griddle. The Blackstone griddle is an outdoor cooking appliance that allows you to perform several cooking activities, such as roasting, broiling, frying, sautéing, etc., we really cannot get enough of this griddle.

Like many other appliances, the Blackstone griddle requires some care and this isn’t just the regular cleaning with soap and water, this type of care may require some extra effort from you. Considering that the Blackstone griddle is an outdoor appliance.

It is disappointing to note that not many people are knowledgeable about seasoning and re-seasoning, which is an essential component of caring for the Blackstone. Would you be interested in learning how to re-season your Blackstone griddle? In this article, we’ll explain how to achieve that. Read on.

Few users are yet familiar with Blackstone griddle maintenance. Seasoning is important since, unlike many other appliances, caring for this griddle begins the moment it is bought. Before using your Blackstone griddle, it is required and advised that you season it.

There are many advantages to seasoning and re-seasoning, both for your griddle and your meal. Before re-seasoning, there must be seasoning, which takes us to the question on many people’s minds.

how hot dies a blackstone griddle get

What Is Seasoning?

The griddle can be made to last a long period by seasoning. The goal is to produce a darker, stick-resistant coat that protects your griddle without leaving a mark or enhancing the flavor of your food. Your food and your cooking utensils won’t be affected by seasoning; they’ll remain unchanged and taste exactly as they should.

Although seasoning and re-seasoning sound similar, they are not the same, hence they require a different process. For one, seasoning is done immediately after the Blackstone griddle is bought and before you begin to use it.

On the other hand, re-seasoning is done after use for a long time. However, they both have the same benefits, which is to increase the longevity of the Blackstone griddle.

Not sure how to season your griddle? The information below will help you season your newly bought Blackstone griddle.

How To Season Your Blackstone Griddle

  1. Place your Blackstone griddle outside and clean it with soap and water. this is to get the dust out of it. When this is done, pour some clean water over it to rinse the soap off.
  1. The next thing to do is to preheat the griddle. Preheating the griddle is the beginning of seasoning, preheating makes the griddle darken. Leave the griddle on for about 15 minutes or until you notice the griddle begins to turn brown. When this is done, turn the griddle off.
  1. Get oil and pour it onto the griddle’s surface. It is advised that you make use of an oil that is rich in fatty acid, as the fat in it will help the oil bond to the surface of the griddle. Ensure the oil spreads across every part of the griddle’s surface. You can use a paper towel to spread the oil all around the griddle.
  1. When this is done, turn on the burner of the griddle and place it on maximum heat and let it pre-heat for another 30 minutes. At this point, the griddle will bring up smoke, have no fear. When the smoke stops, you can turn off the griddle.
  1. Repeat the process above one more time, this is to ensure your griddle is properly coated. Add some more oil, dab it around and turn on the heat again. Continue this process, until your griddle has a dark brown color all around it. This will probably be after 3 attempts; hence you will have to be patient.
  1. When the griddle is done. Put it off and let it cool. Then wipe the surface with some oil of your choice, this is to prevent the griddle from rusting. Use a paper towel to spread the oil and go keep your griddle until you are ready to use.  

Benefits Of Re-Seasoning The Blackstone Griddle

1. Prevents Rusting

The griddle is made of metal and this gives it the tendency to rust after use for a long time and after being exposed to water for a while. Seasoning and re-seasoning coat the Blackstone griddle and reduce the chances of it rusting, as the coat prevents water from getting to the surface.

2. Non-Stick Surface

Seasoning and re-seasoning from time to time protect your griddle from getting food to stick on it. Sticky food can cause a lot of mess on your griddle, and not just this, it can make cleaning very hard.

Coating your griddle by seasoning and re-seasoning will let sticky food come off on time, this makes cleaning the Blackstone griddle easy and also increase the longevity of the cookware.

How To Re-Season The Blackstone Griddle

The Blackstone griddle may be easily re-seasoned. Although it is different from seasoning, there are some similarities. What your Blackstone griddle needs to be re-seasoned and how to do it are listed below.

Need For Re-Seasoning

  • Scraper
  • Oil
  • Heat-proof glove
  • Paper towel

Steps To Re-Season

  1. Pick up a hand scraper and scrape off the rusty parts of the Blackstone griddle. This may take a while; however, you must keep at it until the rusty parts are out.
  1. When this is done, turn on the griddle and pre-heat it for about 20 minutes. When it is hot, put on your heatproof glove and scrape some more.
  1. Turn the griddle to low heat and add some oil to it. To ensure the oil is covering every part of the griddle, you can spread the oil with some wool. Scrape some more after the oil has been placed on the griddle. The addition of the oil will help the remaining rusted part loosen up, and it will become easy to remove.
  1. Make use of a paper towel to clean up the remaining rust and dirty oil. Continue the process of oiling, cleaning, and scraping, until it becomes clean to your satisfaction.
  1. Heat the griddle and let it darken again for a while. Add some oil to all the parts of the griddle and heat up once again. Continue the process of seasoning until it is darkened enough.

When Should I Re-Season?

Knowing when to re-season your griddle is as important as the process of seasoning. The following are indications that you need to re-season your Blackstone griddle;

  • When your food begins to stick to the griddle surface.
  • After cooking acidic and high-sugar foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Oil For Re-Seasoning?

Re-seasoning with oil is a crucial step in the procedure. There is no one optimal oil for seasoning and re-seasoning, however, you should select an oil with high fatty acid content. You can re-season with oils like olive oil, avocado oil, canola oil, flax oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil.

How Long Does It Take To Re-Season The Blackstone Griddle?

The entire process of re-seasoning the Blackstone griddle can take up to 1 hour or more. This includes the time for scraping, heating, and darkening.

What Is Re-Seasoning?

Re-seasoning generally entails coating your griddle again after the first or several additional times that you’ve already done it. The main purpose of doing this is to extend the lifespan of your griddle.

Final Thoughts

Re-seasoning is a crucial component of Blackstone griddle maintenance.

It contributes to the longevity of your griddle by shielding it from rust and sticky food. It is advised that you season your Blackstone griddle before using it. This starts the griddle’s protective process.

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