Old Country Brazos Vs Pecos Grill (2022)

Old Country Brazos Vs Pecos Grill - Loving Food

Old country BBQ pit smokers are the best kind of grills to use for your meat. They are designed to allow you to cook your meat or food in the best conditions possible with controlled temperatures.

There are several smokers or grills in the world but today, we’ll be looking at two very famous grills on the market. These two grills are the Old Country Brazos and the Pecos Grill.

These are two old-school offset smokers that a lot of professionals make use of. These grills feature a large cooking chamber that allows you to cook your meat or food with indirect heat and also lets you cook large amounts of food.

The difference between the Old Country Brazos and the Pecos Grill is that the Brazos smoker is usually bigger, thicker, and heavier than the Pecos smoker. The Brazos is usually built with a 1/4 bbq steel pit while the Pecos is usually built with a 3/16 bbq steel pit. This allows the Brazos to retain more heat than the Pecos.

The Brazos is also more expensive than the Pecos smoker. The Brazos cost between $1000-$1400 while the Pecos cost about $400-$800.

These two are some of the best smokers currently on the market and they have several things in common but also have some differences. In this article, we’ll be looking at these two grills and then, do an Old Country Brazos Vs Pecos Grill comparison.

This comparison is great, especially for people who have been finding it hard to choose between these two grills. Without further ado, let’s move on.

Old Country Brazos Grill

Old Country Brazos Grill
Image: Two Wheeled Texans

The old country Brazos is an amazing heavy-duty offset grill designed for the purpose of smoking and grilling your meat. Old country Brazos smokers are heavily built with thick steel and can weigh as much as 500lbs.

The Brazos grill is made of 1/4 steel which makes this grill really heavy. But, this feature allows the grill to retain heat well. Just like other offset smokers, it has a separate firebox where you can make your fire and also features a large smokestack which aids airflow in this grill.

The large smokestack helps to draw lots of air out of the smoker which helps to cook your food better.

With this smoker, you make use of wood to make your fire. The good thing about wood grills is that they give your meat a natural smoked flavor that you can’t get using other kinds of grills.

It also features two racks where you can cook your meat in the cooking chamber and one in the firebox. This grill also features a deflector plate below the bottom rack. This plate directs the hot air and smoke from the firebox directly onto the meat. The old Brazos also features a grease drain that helps to drain out the oil or moisture coming out from the meat.

The old country Brazos was designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is wear and rust resistant because of the high-quality materials that were used to build it. This grill is durable and can last for a very long time.

It cost about $1000-$1500 to purchase this smoker. Depending on where you are, you might have to pay extra for shipping. Also, If you decide to buy the old Brazos, you might have to make some modifications to the grill like installing a thermometer and other things to make this grill work smoother.

However, this is still a very amazing smoker that can function well even without modifications. And you’ll find lots of good reviews from professional cooks about this grill. You just can’t go wrong with the old country Brazos.

Pecos Grill

The Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos is another amazing offset grill designed for smoking or grilling your food. It’s one of the best budget grills on the market with a price range of about $400-$600. It cost lesser than the Brazos grill and also weighs lesser too.

For someone who’s starting out, or for someone on a budget, this is a great choice.

The Pecos Grill is manufactured in Mexico with 3/16 steel and weighs about 250lbs. It has a firebox where you can make your fire and also has a large smokestack that draws air through the cooking chamber and out the stack.

The smokestack feature is really important because it helps with the airflow in these smokers. Unlike the old Brazos that have a grease drain, the Pecos doesn’t feature a grease drain.

It has a deflector plate that helps to direct the hot air from the firebox to the meat and also features a bottom shelf for storage and a collapsible steel front table that you can place stuff on.

Just like other offset smokers, the Pecos is a wood grill. You need to make use of wood to make a fire in the firebox. People also make use of coal but mostly wood. It features a single cooking grate that you can slide in and out inside the cooking chamber and also features another cooking grate in the firebox.

All the parts of the Pecos are made of steel welded together and coated with heat-resistant paint. The body of this smoker was designed to retain heat and also, It’s durable, and can last for a long time.

Old Country Brazos Vs Pecos Grill Comparison

Old Country BrazosOld Country Pecos
Weighs about 500lbs Weighs about 250lbs
It features double cooking grates on the top and bottom in the cooking chamber. It features one cooking grate in the cooking chamber
Has plenty of room for cooking large quantities of food. Not the best option for cooking large quantities of food.

Final Thoughts

The Old Country Brazos and the Pecos are two amazing offset old country BBQ grills.

Your choice among these two grills depends on what you need or your budget. The Pecos is a great budget smoker and can be used by restaurants, households, for birthdays, etc.

However, if you’re looking for a grill with a large cooking chamber that you can use for cooking large quantities of food, then Old Brazos grill is the best option for you among these two grills. Whatever your choice is, you can’t go wrong with either of them.

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